About Lotto News

Company profile

Lotto-News.de’s (hereinafter called Lotto News) goal is to give it’s readers access to news to lottery games in Germany, Europe and the world all around the clock. Lotto News garantuees independent quality journalism. We inform a wide audience oriented towards lottery news and also lottery companies up-to-date and swift with articles, videos and reports concerning the current lottery happenings. Since summer 2016 we have also been reporting in English and thus reached millions of lottery fans in Europe and the world.

Since it’s humble beginning in 2009, the news page based in Munich has become a central contact for lottery news. This huge success didn’t come by chance. The reliable und trustworthy coverage helped Lotto News during the last few years to develop into an accepted media partner of governmental lottery companies and privat lottery operators and agents.

Team, the people behind …

Dr. Uwe Koch

The business graduate, graduated economist and author of books is owner and publisher of Lotto News. He was employed in controlling and later as authorised officer in huge industry and real estate companies for years. Shortly after the millennium chance he went into business for himself as a freelance management consultant und business journalist. He is co-author of the academic book entitled “Mietspiegel in Deutschland”. Aside from texting and writing is sport – active one and passive one – one of the great passions of the native-born Swabian.

Gabriele Zirker

The trained paralegal has been at Lotto News from the start. She is editor at Lotto News. Furthermore she is responsible for the “back office” of the news page. She has a longtime experience at her disposal due to her work in one of Germany’s largest department store chains and reputable large real estate companies. For our readers as well as for press departments and agencies she is the main und highly appreciated contact. By taking expanded walks and chilling with her cat “Lu” she recovers from everyday stress.

Thomas Schneider

He studied economics and is educated business economist. The native-born Bavarian spent several terms abroad during his studies, especially in the USA. Since 2012 has he been writing for Lotto News and is mainly responsible for the international lottery division. His leisure time he likes to spend with bicycling or hiking in plain nature. Travelling to Asian countries is also one of his great passions.

Ralf Heinen

He’s enriching our team since the beginning of 2013. Since finishing his studies in marketing and communication he has been working as a freelancer for several advertising companies. The passionate motorcyclist is half British and investigates and reports primarily about foreign lottery news. His biggest dream: “Winning the lottery once in a lifetime – preferably the Eurojackpot”.

Jutta Zirker

She is trained as a banker and has been working in the press department of a renowned cooperative bank. She is mother of two children and Gabriele’s big sister. “JZ” steps in times of need.

Marion Feldhoff

She is editorial assistent. Right now she is studying PR and advertising in Munich and is the youngest member of our team. Her hobbies are shopping in Munich, hanging out in the English Garden in Munich, surfing and tennis.